Here for Good Fundraiser

The 'Here For Good' campaign was originally created by a screenprinting company in St. Louis, MO. Their mission was to help businesses stay afloat and 'Here For Good'. This campaign has now spread throughout the U.S. with local t-shirt printing shops partnering with local businesses, non-profits and the community in a grassroots effort to get through this challenging time together. $10 from every t-shirt purchased goes directly to the business you are supporting. Thank you for helping us stay Here For Good.

Help Local Business Stay Here For Good

These t-shirts were designed for you -- so you can give back to the businesses that make up your community. Show your local businesses and non-profits how much they mean to you now. Buy a t-shirt, help your community. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve made your purchase, share it with your friends, your family, and your followers. Encourage them to visit the store, to make a purchase of their own. In times like this, we’re stronger together. And we’re always stronger when we’re supporting local. 



1441 W. Morse Ave Chicago, IL 60626

Wednesday - Saturday

11am - 6pm

Do you have a favorite local restaurant, retail shop, or non-profit that’s taken a hit? Let them know what we’re offering. The quicker we get them set up on this fundraiser, the quicker they can get the support they need.

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